Say Hello to Shaun, our new reviewer!

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If you read this post, you know what I have a new reviewer on board here at And The Little Ones Too! I am so thankful to Shaun for giving her expertise and helping me. Want to know more about Shaun? Keep reading!

HI! I’m Shaun, Ashley’s new reviewer. I suppose I should let everyone know a little about me. I’m a 30 something wife and mother. My two gorgeous little girls are 5 and almost 3. We’ll just call them Miss A and Miss B. They are the perfect mix of girly girl and tom boy.

My oldest, Miss A, loves to play in the dirt, but don’t be surprised if she wears her pink skirt, sparkly shirt and light up flops while she does. She loves and adores anything dress. She loves it even more if it’s pink and sparkly. She loves any and all Disney princess and Hello Kitty. She changes her mind just about as fast as the wind blows. She’s currently finishing up her second year of preschool and is anxiously awaiting the start of Kindergarten. She’s smart as a whip, but very sensitive. She struggles with some sensory issues, so finding clothes that she likes and will wear is a constant challenge.

Miss B is right in the throws of the terrible twos. She’s a tiny little peanut, about the size of a “normal” 18 month old, but she’s fairly certain she’s 10 feet tall and bullet proof. She loves her baby dolls and anything that has to do with them. In fact, she loves anything cuddly. She has an amazing imagination and a bit of a bossy streak. She hates meat, but eats carrots like they’re candy. She is also absolutely petrified of bugs, especially if they fly.

My husband and I have been together for about 6 and a half years and married for almost 5. We all live together in the middle of a field. I mean that quite literally. We are country folks and love every minute of it! Living out in the middle of nowhere makes getting to the store difficult, so I do a LOT of internet shopping. Probably more than I should. Don’t ever tell my husband I said that though! I’m a bit of a girly girl myself and love buying beautiful things for myself and my girls. I almost never buy anything for full price. I consider myself a bargain shopper, but I’m not a coupon clipper.

I have known Ashley since our oldest were about 6 months old. I was lucky enough to find her on a message board and we’re still friends 5 years later. When Ashley mentioned that she couldn’t review products for little girls because she doesn’t have any, I jumped at the chance. I am excited to be a part of her review team.

Shaun wrote these reviews: SeaPack,, and The orb Factory.

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  1. Welcome Shaun! Thanks for helping Ashley make this blog even more fabulous.

  2. Welcome!! We’re so happy to have you here and can’t wait to see your reviews. I wish you the best (:

  3. Welcome!!

  4. Janelle Prentice says:

    Welcome! Being a guest reviewer is awesome : ) Looking forward to reading your reviews!

  5. Welcome, Can’t wait to see all the cool products you will be reviewing!

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